Key Holes

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No. 3

No. 3 is our signature par 3 hole. A precise tee shot is called for, over a small pond and wetlands area. The putting surface slopes sharply from back to front. Three putts is a real possibility for the inattentive player who leaves himself above the hole.

No. 5

On the par 3, No. 5, you've achieved the outward nine's highest elevation, meaning winds can swirl here, plus the green is domed with a false front. Choose enough club to hit the putting surface.

No. 10

No. 10 is a par 5 dogleg left with a dramatic bunker hugging the inside of the corner. A well-struck tee shot can clear the bunker and leave a long iron or fairway wood to the green. Think birdie.

No. 11

Carve a fade through the chute of pine trees on No. 11. This, a par 4, is one of the tighter driving holes on the course. Your approach to the green is uphill. Choose your club accordingly.

No. 18

The finishing hole, a par 4, rewards a slight draw off the tee. Longer players will get a generous roll and face a downhill approach. But this is a green that is difficult to hold. Precision is called for if you want to finish your round like a champion, just as Donald Ross intended.